Toddler Program

toddlerWe run a dynamic Toddler Program for kids whose age are between 1.5-2.5 years old at Small Steps. It is run at a 1:5 ratio. We recognize the child's natural curiosity and need for independence and strive to stimulate those qualities.

We follow the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) document for our programming. Our day consists of a combination of teacher planned and child directed activities. These activities are all based on the teacher's observations of the children. They reflect learning and skill building in the Domains of Social, Emotional, Communication, language and literacy, Cognitive and Physical.

The Registered Early Childhood Educators provide a stimulating environment that allows children to learn at their own pace. Activities are planned using children's interests to explore the various domains using age appropriate activities and materials.

baby doctorLanguage and Literacy is one of the major focus points of the program. Stories, songs and finger plays fill our days to help develop language and pre-reading skills. We also focus on sensory, fine motor and gross motor activities. This age is a time of tremendous development.

Independence is very important to our Toddlers. Independent eating and dressing are often insisted on. The teachers assist with teaching these skills with hand over hand as well as providing play activities that build these skills.

When your Toddler is ready, we help facilitate the toilet training process.

At Small Steps, toddlers will follow a tailored program plan on weekly basis to develop basic skills as to part of their developments physically and mentally. Here is an example of a typical program plan to help parents better understand your little ones' learning details:

Small Steps Toddler Program Plan Nov4 11 2022

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