Summer Program At Small Steps!

Each July & August, we are always running summer camp

Limited spots are available for summer camp
so sign up while availability lasts!

Dear Small Steps Families!

We have been running summer camp for children between 4-12 years of age for many years! Again, this year is no difference! Our summer programming usually runs for the whole of July and August. Limited spots are available to ensure that we can provide a safe and fun experience for everyone. We have early bird discount, please call our centre to ask for the detail information!

Camp will run daily between 7:00am-6:00pm, with early drop off (7:00-8:00am) & late pick up (5:00-6:00pm) available. Breakfast, hot lunch and two snacks will be included during these hours for your child every day. Every week will include different themes, with indoor and outdoor programming provided through a play-based learning experience that offers challenges in cognitive, emotional, social, and physical areas of development. Indoor programming will include planned activities such as creative arts, music, dramatic play, and baking! There will be opportunities for plenty of outdoor programming provided with special activities planned for the outdoors every week! Our centre also provides enrichment program including Spanish class, French class, Mandarin class, Sign Language class, Art class, Yoga, Dance, and Show and Tell. We also provide Kumon workbooks for your children to practice including English, Maths, and Cognition. Your child will have an enriched experience this summer and the opportunities provided will enhance their self-growth, learning through play, and discovery of the world around them!

Below is an example of our camp plan for a given week, to help you and your children have a clear idea of kids doing during the summer time:

Small Steps Summer Camp Program Plan Jul 4 to Sep 2 2022 page 0001

For more info of the summer camp, please feel free to contact with Small Steps at: 905-313-1122

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